Our philosophy is very simple, we want to work in an environment characterised by fairness. Fairness & equity in our customer relationships, with our business partners and perhaps most notably, fairness towards our employees.

... and our team ? Awesome ...

The continual development of our company is a natural consequence of our agile and modern approach – plodding on with entrenched business models is definitely not our cup of tea. We engage the energy, expertise and the entrepreneurial flair of our staff to create innovative ideas and develop appropriate business models. New legal entities where the ownership is shared amongst all who contribute, is our clear goal.

We use these same concepts to support third-party start-ups from both home and abroad, helping them to build and develop successful companies based on solid business models.



Alone… it’s not going to work. No matter whether you are looking for resources for a project, want to hire new staff, generate new business or simply want to help others to set-up and run a business … it is not going to work without a network.

Our network and partners strengthen us with additional expertise, flexibility and maturity … but even more, offer us new Opportunities and Options.

It is however hard work to build and maintain a comprehensive network. We even use unconventional methods like running our own co-work and hosting own events. We also employ any and all types of Digital Marketing where they help us to achieve our goals.

We have established a broad network of partners based both in Germany and abroad. We also collaborate with selected Partners who can provide specialist knowledge to help in the provision of our services. Further, we maintain a close relationship with our Business Partners and with those Freelancers who have successfully delivered projects with us in the past.


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