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Fairmar continues to expand Partnership Portfolio

Aktualisiert: 3. Jan. 2022

Fairmar Consulting teams up with the Gannon University Small Business Development Center, US

Darmstadt, Germany / Erie, Pennsylvania, US, June 15th 2021 – Fairmar Consulting GmbH, German financial services consulting company today announced a new partnership with the Gannon University Small Business Development Center, one of the leading consulting services for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Fairmar Consulting GmbH’s primary business model is helping start-ups, SME and enterprise companies. For many years they have provided consulting and management services, covering project management & PMO project governance and project revision IT performance management & IT risk management across their target sectors.

Frank Dallmann, Fairmar Consulting CEO commented “We are excited to enter into a partnership with the Gannon University Small Business Development Center as we continue to grow our partnerships in 2021. With our extensive experience working with startups and offering relocation services, we are confident in driving intercontinental business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we are very pleased with SBDC’s nationwide network in America, which complements our worldwide cooperations. Together we can establish global synergies that will do great things.”.

For over 40 years the Small Business Development Center has been hosted by the Gannon University in Erie, PA, USA. As part of America’s SBDC Organization, the SBDC has had tremendous influence & success in promoting economic growth in the respective states of the US, helping individuals fulfil their entrepreneurial goals.

Margaret Horne, Director of the Gannon University SBDC said “We look forward to our new partnership with Fairmar. This partnership will serve as a pipeline for our clients to explore business opportunities on a global scale.”.

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