To be permanent competitive companies have to permanently adjust to new situations - this is not easy, especially for smaller companies and often you don't know where to start ... 



We offer Digital marketing services - and they are affordable - trust us.

Eher services will be tailored to your specific needs. We provide these services under a dedicated brand and run a dedicated website with more details.





At a first step we deliver a tailored concept and then continue with the branding of the company ...

We deliver ...

  • Digitale Marketing concept 

  • Branding - Name and Domain

The we build the social media channels as laid-out in the concept. Once finished we can help to keep the channels alive. Building the channels is one thing, keep them alive is another story ... but very important.

We deliver ...

  • Corporate Design - Logo

  • Corporate Design - Business documents  (eg name cards)

  • Pitchdeck

  • Pricing models

  • Communication - Hosting, e-mail

  • Web presence

  • Social Media (facebook, Instagram, Snapchat)

  • Social Media (Xing, LinkedIn)

  • Blogs - content

  • Social Media - content

Networking is essential nowadays - no doubt about it. Because we think it is so important we have written down our thoughts in the chapter ABOUT US.

Events is a good way to network and meet new people, or simply stay in touch with them. We operate a Coworking space in Darmstadt and can provide the opportunity to host events in different shapes or formats.

We organize everything that is required to make your event a success ...


We deliver ...

  • Organise meetings

  • Support Business fairs and Conferences 

  • Organize business events

  • Business contacts and leads


Digitalization - the hot topic of today, is without any doubt important for all companies. But digitalization covers a wide range of topics. This also concerns small companies. Every companies follows processes and often a large number of them bear the potential to be automated and digitalized. 

For this venture public funding programs are available.

We deliver ...

  • Inventory and review of existing processes 

  • Concept digitalization 

  • Implementation - digitalization of existing processes 

Often this can be achieved with the support of tools. Nowadays a wide range of these flexible tools are available. And they are very reasonably priced - means, in a short period of time the cost-benefit effect is achieved.

We are specialised in tools to improve collaboration, communication and to support financial processes (book keeping/accounting). These are often topics where small companies suffer.


We deliver ...

  • Tools Collaborations

  • Tools Communication

  • Tools Finances (Accounting / Payment slips / Taxation / Controlling)


For small companies or companies that relocate from abroad we offer operational support.

With our co-work services we can offer competitive and alternative housing models to efficiently operate your company.

Our coworkers services is also run under a designated brand and summarized on a dedicated website.

Have a look and get an impression what coward life means  you can also book directly on the website.


Incorporation / Office

We deliver ...

  • Business address in Darmstadt

  • Virtuel Service( Telefon service, Virtuelle PA)

Office management

We deliver ... 

  • Technical infrastructure (Hardware/Software)

  • Communications (Hosting, Phone)

  • Office management

  • IT Operations Management

  • Data Privacy Officer Germany

Working spaces

We deliver ...

  • Shared - Co-Work (Desk and Internet)

  • Offices (rent)

  • Meeting rooms (rent)

  • Project rooms / Think Tanks (rent)


We deliver ...

  • Accounting & Invoicing

  • Tax reporting

  • Payroll services

  • Controlling

  • Management tax firm


We deliver....

  • Contract management

  • Candidate search/ selection

  • Interviews

  • Holiday / Absent Management


We are able to support the management in the following areas  ...

  • Coaching

  • Strategy

  • Sales support

  • Contract negotiations

  • Projects


FAIRMAR is officially listed as consulting firm at the RKW Hessen to provide consulting services to start ups that can be publicly funded (e.g. by the government of Hessen). We can apply the public funding for you.

Let's discuss ...  

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