Startups ...  are our passion.

We truly love to develop new business models, verify ideas or help startups off the ground ... 

We believe to understand what young founders think and how startups operate and act.

We support with our structured approach and analyze all relevant aspects.

Doing that we always use a pragmatic and hands-on approach - which always work out fine.

The main goal ist to establish the company as fast as possible and to bring it to the road of success.




Lets go …


1. First of all we validate the business idea and check its potential and ability to be fit for the market competition. We help to look for and to discover new ideas, which we then continue develop to a robust solution. We support you to define your unique-selling-point (USP).


2. We then jointly develop a Business model and perform a feasibility study ... 


(a) Value Proposition

(b) Added value (Products & and services for customers)  

(c) Profit model (turnover & profit)


3. Considering all risks we help to draft a business and financial plan and start to organize the build of the company.


We offer ...

  • Consulting - validation of a business idea 

  • Consulting - definition Unique Selling Point (USP) 

  • Consulting - development business model 

  • Feasibility study  (Value proposition, added value, profit model)

  • Research

  • Creation Business Plan

  • Creation Finance Plan





It's getting serious now …


1. Now comes the formal part. Depending on the legal form of the venture the company will be established and registered. We support you with this process.


2. Who can help? 

We help you to find help ;-), eg. Service providers (wie z.b. lawyers, tax consultants, banks), partners or cooperating companies.


3. In addition we support to build your operations. There is a lot to do - HR, processes and tools, marketing & sales and all matters related to finances. 


4. It's perfect to start from scratch - then digitalisation is no big deal. 

Oh, and last but not least we also look for your pocket money ... 

We offer  ...

  • Support all activities related to the foundation of a company

  • Supports the company registration

  • HR - job advertisement, job application management, sourcing & head hunting, candidates & interviews

  • HR - employers contracts

  • HR - Cultural trainings / Language courses

  • HR - Staff services - Registration, VISA, accomodation

  • Finance / Accounting (Financing/Accounting/Tax)

  • Structure - Establish Marketing & Sales  (Digitales Marketing )

  • Structure - Processes & Tools  (Digitalization)



OK - the company is there  - and now ?

Notwithstanding we continue to support you in you development process to grow your business. We provide consulting and focus on the areas digitaisation of your operation and processes. Plus the build of your digital marketing strategy and social media footprint. More details in the section 'Small companies'. 


In this phase the company get stabilized and the course to scale the business will be set.

The strategy will be adjusted and your operation grows. At the same time needs a push to achieve the set goals.



FAIRMAR itself invests in Startups - As a sample ...

NERD - New Educational Revolution Darmstadt

In addition we help you to apply for public funding, eg from the government of Hessen. This is provided by the RKW Hessen - we are listed as a consulting company at RKW Hessen.


We offer ...

  • Shareholding by Fairmar Consulting GmbH

  • Public Funding

  • Consulting to apply for Public Funding 


In case your company requires alternative funding or financial services we connect you with investors, banks or insurances.


We support to obtain ...

  • Bank account or Loans 

  • Investment funds

  • Crowdfunding

  • Insurances


short summary with some samples  …

  • Business models (documented)

  • Business- und financial plans

  • Research & Analysis

  • Registrations

  • Marketing concept & 

  • Digital footprint (Social Media)

  • Pitch decks

  • Corporate design

  • Pricing models

  • Support of your operations

  • Implementations of tools that fit for purpose

  • Support funding and financial services and public funding

  • HR and applicants management & sourcing

... plus more ...


FAIRMAR is officially listed as consulting firm at the RKW Hessen to provide consulting services to start ups that can be publicly funded (e.g. by the government of Hessen). We can apply the public funding for you.

Let's discuss ...  

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